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 The Hall of Wood

Indian Rosewood

Distribution: India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia

Janka Hardness: 2,440 lbf (10,870 N)

Appearance: Heartwood of East Indian Rosewood can vary from a golden brown to a deep purplish brown, with darker brown streaks. The wood darkens with age, usually becoming a deep brown.

African Golden Teak

Distribution: West Africa

Janka Hardness: 1,570 lbf (6,980 N)

Appearance: Heartwood is typically a yellowish brown, occasion will have an either reddish or olive hue. Color tends to darken with age. Narrow sapwood is pale yellow and is clearly differentiated from the heartwood.


Distribution: Indochina

Janka Hardness: 3,010

Appearance: Ironwood is a dark purple-brown to dark red-brown and its grain is moderately well-defined, fine and even.

Balau Wood

Distribution: Southeast Asia

Janka Hardness: 1,600 lbf (7,120 N)

Appearance: Color can be highly variable depending upon the species: ranging from a pale straw color, to a darker reddish brown.


Distribution: Eastern North America

Janka Hardness: 1,320 lbf (5,870 N)

Appearance: The heartwood is a light to medium brown color. Sapwood can be very wide, and tends to be a beige or light brown; not always clearly or sharply demarcated from heartwood.

Tasmanian Oak

Distribution: Australia

Janka Hardness: 1,010

Appearance: Tasmanian Oak is a warm, dense and resilient hardwood. It works extremely well and produces an excellent finish. Heartwood light yellow, golden brown, reddish brown, to a distinct red.


Distribution: From East Africa to Southeast Asia and Australia; (primarily New Guinea)

Janka Hardness: 1,840 lbf (7,620 N)

Appearance: Has an orangish-brown color when freshly cut, which ages to a darker reddish-brown.


Distribution: Equatorial West Africa

Janka Hardness: 2,080 lbf (13,700 N)

Appearance: Heartwood is usually jet-black, with little to no variation or visible grain. Occasionally dark brown or grayish-brown streaks may be present.


Distribution: Eastern North America

Janka Hardness: 2950 lbf (4,230 N)

Appearance: Heartwood is a light pinkish brown when freshly cut, darkening to a medium reddish brown with time and upon exposure to light. Sapwood is a pale yellowish color.

Patagonian Walnut

Distribution: Tropical Americas (Central and South America); also farmed commercially

Janka Hardness: 3,510 lbf (15,620 N)

Appearance: Heartwood can vary in color from reddish brown, to more yellowish olive brown or darker blackish brown; sometimes with darker brown/black stripes. 

Burmese Teak / Indonesian Teak

Distribution: Native to southern Asia; Tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Janka Hardness: 1,070 lbf (4,740 N)

Appearance: Heartwood tends to be a golden or medium brown, with color darkening with age.

Chengal Wood

Distribution: Malaysia

Janka Hardness: 2,130

Appearance: Heartwood light yellow brown with a distinct green tinge when fresh, changing on exposure to a dark brown or dark purple brown; sharply demarcated from the pale yellow sapwood.

American Walnut

Distribution: California and Oregon

Janka Hardness: 1,130 lbf (5,030 N)

Appearance: Heartwood can range from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. Color can sometimes have a gray, purple, or reddish cast.

Canadian Marple

Distribution: Northeastern North America

Janka Hardness: 1,450 lbf (6,450 N)

Appearance: Sapwood color ranges from nearly white, to an off-white cream color, sometimes with a reddish or golden hue. The heartwood tends to be a darker reddish brown.


Distribution: Central Africa

Janka Hardness: 1,930 lbf (8,600 N)

Appearance: Heartwood is medium brown, sometimes with a reddish or yellowish hue, with nearly black streaks. Upon application of a wood finish (particularly an oil finish) the wood can become nearly black.

American White Oak

Distribution: Eastern United States

Janka Hardness: 1,350 lbf (5,990 N)

Appearance: Heartwood is a light to medium brown, commonly with an olive cast. Nearly white to light brown sapwood is not always sharply demarcated from the heartwood. 


Distribution: Tropical Africa

Janka Hardness: 21,260 lbf (5,610 N)

Appearance: Heartwood is usually a yellow to golden or medium brown, with color tending to darken over time. Pale yellow sapwood is clearly demarcated from the heartwood.

European Oak

Distribution: Europe

Janka Hardness: 4.5 kN

Appearance: Sapwood is thin, between 1 to 4 cm, and white.The clearly demarcated heartwood is light brown to dark brown. Oak is mostly straight grained with a medium to coarse texture.

Brazilian Cherry

Distribution: Central America, southern Mexico, northern South America, and the West Indies

Janka Hardness: 2,690 lbf (11,950 N)

Appearance: Heartwood varies from a light orangish brown to a darker reddish brown. Color tends darken upon exposure to light.


Distribution: Eastern United States

Janka Hardness: 1,300 lbf (5,780 N)

Appearance: Beech is typically a pale cream color, sometimes with a pink or brown hue. Veneer tends to be slightly darker colored.

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